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YO May 29, 2009

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HEY PPLS! i am so here.i know u really really missed me. i wanna say how awesome this place is! shout out to everyone here and 



sry for the blogs i didnt mention! com here everyday and check all the blogs out! woot woot! peace luv la ppls


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bucky the tortilla chip! lol my SECOND POSTING!! woot woot i can stay 😀 lolz


Hewwo!!! May 27, 2009

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Meh ish one of the new workers! woohoo! =D

I am kka2297. Yeah. And I like cookies. No. I dont like cookies.

Oh my cookies! I dont like cookies!!! NOOOOOOO!




Yay! I ♥ cookies!


I have something you can do. Walk up to someone, and say “Swiss Cheese” without laughing, grinning, smiling, or giggling. 😛Heh.


Lol. Okay. Thanks for adding me as a worker! ^_^



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hey im chaos! im a new worker here so i’ll tell u a little bit about myself 🙂

fave color: purple

… um im a girl just in case u didnt know xD

im here to help this blog and get more hits and i can advertise this on my site btw if u want to see my site its  ok um i like cookies  (probably everyone does- except cookie haters >.< )

 oops wrong one >_<

 😛  -^^-
I ♥ cookies
well thats it so bye!

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cookihhhey i jusy made this blingee of my loveeeeeeee COOOOOOOOOOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New worker

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hiiiiiiiiii im gigi(cool1234) U can just call me gigi course! wellllll im siked to be a new worker ill post and do as umch as i can! 😀


Gigi! ❤


New page coming soon. May 26, 2009

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ttar_orange_01_h_launchI’m making a new page, Random Debates! This one will be Oranges vs. Rakes. Anyone who wants to join will be divided into the two teams. That’s all I’m going to tell you for now!
Peace out,