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The site May 25, 2009

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I’m thinking of holding a really fun site contest, but I need your help. My stats tell me people DO come to this site. I have never had any comments and would love it if you would comment. My goal is 10 comments, each by many different people. Please comment on any post or page. Please help me reach my goal!


6 Responses to “The site”

  1. gigi(not logged in) Says:

    can u be a worker here?

    Aqua- Sure, want me to add you?

    Coolaqua- You’re officially a worker!

  3. ~chaos9876~ Says:

    hey! can i work here? i saw a post on oli’s blog and i thought i would help!

    here’s my e-mail:

    🙂 hope you can work this through

    Coolaqua- Of course 🙂 Let me add you…..

  4. ~chaos9876~ Says:

    oh and also check out my blog at

    | |
    | hi |
    | |

    Coolaqua- Sorry, your comment got put in spam for some reason 😕

  5. Oh Cool! Aqua can i work here?

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