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Design your own wall Print at… um… I forget. June 29, 2009

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You know how Poptropica’s been selling T-shirts and wall prints? Well, I found out you could design and buy your own. Take a look.poptropica

Mine is pretty cool, but it costs around a hundred thirty. Ka-POW. You won’t catch me buying that. Go design your own at

Guess what? IDK the link. Whatever.  I suppose you can look at the URL in the picture.

The PPP is out…. yay…..  not really.  Go check out my cousin’s blog at

I won’t tell him it sucks for kicks, you know. -Aqua


Philippines!! June 24, 2009

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Hi! I’m at the Philippines right now and it is PARADISE!!!!!! We’re at a hotel and right now it’s 5:47 A.M. We have a 12 hour difference so it must be 5:47 P.M. We have a lagoon next to us and it is soooooo big 😀 I wish you could see it! I will be posting now and then but most of the time I’ll be on vacation 🙂 Have a great summer!



Cookies are aweshum June 23, 2009

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Yes, they are. Hello, kka2297 here. ^.^ I shall show you these funny videos.

Lolz. I think the Jack-Jack Attack one is hilarious. xD Which one do you like?



new things+workers June 19, 2009

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a more recent pic of “me in poptropica”. Guess who I am!

In other news- I’m going to start a new program called “Poptropica Picture Program”. Keep checking back ‘cuz you never know when a new page might appear!

Orange Vs. Rake is coming soon! Sit tight!

Also, my workers, please always give your posts a title. It looks weirdie when there’s no title. 😛

and PLEASE stop posting links to OurWorld! I’m going to make an OurWorld page. Please post links there. These posts clutter up the site. :/

just a reminder- the people who have not posted are oli, pinky and ballet.

This summer, I’m going to TEXAS, btw. 😀

See ya soon!




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im so lazy i dont have time to post! >.< Sorry guys u havent heard from me much….^^ WEll….sign up for ourworld! My username on Ourworld is Anjeleena

just look for me….oh and tell me ur username BEFORE u send me a friend request so i know who im buddying ^.~



:) June 18, 2009

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why is everything so boring???? i always wondered….xDD


Summer! June 13, 2009

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Summer’s coming 😀

I’m not going to post for a while becuase I’m having my vacation in a foreign country (idk how to spell foreign) so plz dont delete me. I’m not coming back ’til July! I’m going near the 25th, so until then, take care!