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Cookies are aweshum June 23, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Ққa2297♪ @ 1:02 am

Yes, they are. Hello, kka2297 here. ^.^ I shall show you these funny videos.

Lolz. I think the Jack-Jack Attack one is hilarious. xD Which one do you like?



2 Responses to “Cookies are aweshum”

  1. ♥☼ ~K.a.t.e~☼ ♥ Says:

    i luuuvv the jack attack i watch it all the time when i’m doing the extras on the Incredibles DVD 😛 Jack-Jack is so adorable ^^
    aqua- (doesn’t know what chaos is talking about)

  2. ♥☼ ~K.a.t.e~☼ ♥ Says:

    jack-jack comes from the incredibles and its also on a dvd
    aqua- ohhhhhh i watched the incredibles last night 😀

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