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Okay everyone, there is a brand new contest going on! It is an ArtPad contest-but is very different from the usual ones. I’m going to give you a picture on artPad and you have to edit it! Here is the picture:
Click “add on to this picture’ and get the new link. Post it in a comment on this post. good luck! -Aqua
P.S visit my cousins blog at 😀


6 Responses to “BRAND NEW CONTEST!”

  1. Xx~Dark Angel~xX Says:

    lol xD shes jogging 😛

  2. ♥Alice Says:

    When does the contest end? :O I think I posted my link on Oli’s webbie 😛 Hmm..I go retrieve it xD

  3. ♥Alice Says:
    Mwahahah >:D My link 😛 xD

  4. coolaquablue Says:

    Um… it ends in 1 week, since not many people are posting entries.

  5. Xx~Dark Angel~xX Says:

    um who wins the contest?

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