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the bored page December 7, 2008

this is being updated

Which celebrities share your birthday? find out here:

You find a gift-wrapped, ribbon-tied box with a sprig of holly on your doorstep. How sweet. ;)
Then, there is a note saying “OPEN FOR INSTANT USE! DO NOT WAIT UNTIL CHRISTMAS!” You decide to open it.
And you find…
Make-A-Smiley Kit
Instructions: You can use one set of eyes, eyebrows (optional) one nose (optional), and one mouth. There are also “Other” gadgets that you can think up yourself!
Eyebrows: > < / L P O J D S E B
Other: !@#$%^&*
Enjoy! ;’] =D |-J
The Smilies Master


8 Responses to “the bored page”

  1. this will get around to be updated someday…

  2. flora456 Says:

    OMG jordon pruiit has the same b day as me COOLNESS!

    aqua- omg! i only have people i have never heard of 😦

  3. ~chaos9876~ Says:

    someone named Michaelangelo Antonioli has the same b-day as me ….

  4. ~chaos9876~ Says:

    :-J lol

  5. ballet99 Says:

    oooo Camerian Diaz has the same b day as me!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Shes my idol!!!!!

  6. ~chaos9876~ Says:

    L 😆 L

    ballet ur lucky 🙂

  7. Faith Hill has same birthday as me 😛

  8. jami :) Says:

    justin bieber has the same birthday as me.
    yay? :/
    coolaqua: hahaha

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