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How to get What You Want From Your Parents (fast) July 14, 2009

Everybody wants to get what they want. Unfortunately, not many people know HOW to get what they want. The key is not begging. It is not stealing. It is not- um, I don’t know. But you SHOULD know. So I promise you this guide will prove to be useful. :3

Who To Ask

Who leads in your family? Your mom? Your dad? In most families the mom is the leading lad… while the dad kind of says yes to whatever you want and forgets about it a day later. If this is not true in your family, ask your mom anyway.

When To Ask

Knowing when to ask is equally important as knowing who to ask. Examples of when NOT to ask:

-On a car drive

-When your mom/dad just finished taking a bath

-In a busy place, etc.

When to ask:

-Eating dinner

– Sunday, the most boring day of the week

– When the parent is relaxed and happy

So you should ask at a time where nobody is doing much of anything.

Where To Ask

Ask in a brightly lit room. Maybe have a snack ready just in case. Make sure the temperature is all right. Do not ask in a room where books/games/computers are present. This will distract the parent. Instead, replace interesting books with boring ones. Do not cover anything.

How To Ask

The most important aspect of asking. When asking, make eye contact and have a carefree expression on your face. Do not smile. Do not frown. Look okay. When asking, it is important to research the item you want. If it is in a catalogue, even better. If what you want is not an item but, say, a sleepover at a friend’s house, have the phone ready. Anyway, say, “Mom/Dad, I have something to ask you.” Then tell some sort of joke and hug your mom/dad (I’m serious, it works, expecially if your’e older). Then proceed to ask what you want, pointing to the item on the catalouge.

Money Matters

If the item you want is expensive, offer to split the cost with your parents. By “expensive” I mean $100, or $200. I don’t mean $20 or $50. If you get allowance you should be able to pay for that yourself, if you do not have allowance or money, offer to do chores around the house to make money. (I know, ugh, but if you really want it, it’s the only way.)

Okay. So you know how to do it now, but what about….

The Big NO

What if your parents say NO? Then you must follow the instructions carefully. Look them in the eyes, and say “okay”.  (You must have followed the steps above.) Then pull out the snack. It’s even better if you made it yourself. After eating say, “Can you just think about it? Because I really do want so-and-so”.

Which brings us to..

Do you REALLY want it?

Can you live without a DSi? A Nintendo Wii? A book (for nerds like me)? A PSP? A new jacket? New shoes? Think hard. Imagine what you would do if you didn’t have it. You’d play other games, read other books, wear other jackets, sport other shoes. You don’t really NEED any of those things. However, you do want them, but how much do really want it?

… if your parents say no, keep asking, maybe once in 2 days. Ask very casually and in the gentlest way possible. Do not make eye contact and ask while you are doing something else, so it looks like it isn’t that important to you. Don’t worry, I know what I’m saying.

This brings us to the end of the guide. More “How-to” guides are coming soon. Be sure to check out the rest of the blog! And comment!



5 Responses to “How to get What You Want From Your Parents (fast)”

  1. Xx~Dark Angel~xX Says:

    O.o for some reason this actually helped me get new shoes O.o cool ^^
    aqua- COOL!!!!!

  2. Xx~Dark Angel~xX Says:

    ooh yay now i did another one of these and im getting a new book once i get back from the Philipines 🙂 these really help xD

  3. ladea97 Says:

    lol I have mastered this skill and my bff is staying for three days at my house ^^

  4. ♥Alice Says:

    Hmm…I don’t tihnk I could do that xD I feel like I’m taking advantage of my parents (especially my mom) But I really need new shoes o.o lalala..Lol. What I do SOMETIMES Is when we’re in the stores I make her pass the aisle with the thing I want and she always asks “Do you want this or that?”
    Everytime xD But for some reason I say “No thanks, But thanks”
    aqua- Wow, that’s a good quality. You must be a grateful person. 😛

  5. ♀♥~Sweetie~♥♀ Says:

    Ya but when I asked for something when they were eating dinner (We don’t eat together) she said no the second I asked. And then my dad had to go with her and say no. It’s so dumb. I could of payed for it, but they had to say no -.- For my parents this doesn’t work.
    aqua- Oh, that sucks 😦 I guess for some people it doesn’t work.

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