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Poptropica- Early Poptropica Walkthrough July 18, 2009

Written by…. me! :3

-Glow Stick-

When you land in Early Poptropica, you will see people on the streets and a Soda Pop Shop on the right. If this does not describe where you are, you are not in the right island. Go right until you see a sign that says “Early Poptropica”. Click on the sign and you will be transported to early Poptropica. Talk to the man beside the sign. He will greet you. then, keep going right till you see a well. Go into the well. You will see a box beside you. push it. Then, jump down to the greenish lever. The box will be on the lever. push the box down again, then climb on the box. Jump up to the next green lever, then jump to the wooden platform. Climb on the rope to the next platform. jump up to the platform with the glow stick. Congratulations!

-Bat Sewer Room-

Get out of the well, and go all the way left. click on the sign until you are back in the place with the Arcade and Soda Pop Shop. Continue to go left until you see a sewer opening. Go in. Climb down. You should be in a room that has spiders hanging from the ceilings and wooden rails. Climb down to the platform with the Goth girl. Then keep going down until you land on the ground with the green spider. Don’t get near the spider or you will faint for a few seconds. Go in front of the pig to grab it. then get out of the sewer.

-Dark Room-

To reach the Dark Room, go to the poptropica Towers until you find the second sewer opening. Go in. It should not be so dark now that you have your Glow Stick.

This is a step-by-step walkthrough of the dark room, and how to gget the golden egg.

1. Go left, climb down.


2. Continue going right. When next rope is seen, climb down.

3. Go right, climb down.

4. Go left, skip over rope, get golden egg.

5. Climb out.

Now, go on the top of the building that says Rooftop Restaurant. Climb up. Get off the rope and you will land on the clouds. Click on the purple giant. Then go right. Climb on top of the shovel, and then go on the vine. Get the water bucket, and go right. Go on top of the plane, and jump on the propellers. Use them to get over the plane and the rocket. Get the jet pack. Then keep going left, climb down the vine, and go back to the rooftop resteraunt. Go back to Main Street.  Use your jet pack to fly on top of the water tower and get the flag. Then go back to Early Poptropica.

By now, in your inventory you should have the Glow Stick, Prized Porker, Water Bucket, Jet Pack, and Signal Flag.

Click on the man beside the fence. Then click on the man beside the well. Then climb up on the man on the tower and click on him. Then jump into the ship that is now beside the water, and click on the man in the ship.

Congratulations, you have completed Early Poptropica!


2 Responses to “Poptropica- Early Poptropica Walkthrough”

  1. ♥Alice Says:

    Awesomeful :]
    aqua- Thankies 😆

  2. Kayla Says:

    Hey! Thanks a lot it really helped me!

    Thanks Aqua

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