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Request- A- Pic May 24, 2009

Give me a link to a picture on Google Images, and I’ll edit it on paint for you to make it wild, more exciting, and fun. That’ll be five hundred thousand dollars plus the cure to the Swine Flu, please. LOL.

Here are some samples of my work:refined penguin

I also “Blingee” pictures and give lessons on how to do this kind of thing. Just ask in a comment!

Blingee-ing- covering a picture with stickers and glitters to make it fun.

Please no inappropriate pics or pictures with real people. You can request what to be put on your picture. You can put these pictures in profiles, website and more, BUT YOU MUST GIVE CREDIT TO COOLAQUABLUE’S BLOG.

Have fun!



8 Responses to “Request- A- Pic”

  1. ~chaos9876~ Says:

    idk if this works but anyway..
    pick the 6th one ad blingee it with a few sparkles 🙂

  2. ~chaos9876~ Says:

    no wait make that 5th

    Coolaqua- I’m very sorry, but Blingee is not letting me upload the image. I could edit it on paint for you, though?

  3. Blingee rox 😀 i always blingify dizzywood pics!

    Aqua- Yeah, I like to Blingee cute animals ^^. There are some…. inappropriate stickers on there tho…..

  4. ~chaos9876~ Says:

    sure you can edit it on paint -^^- make it blushing with the graffiti thing and anything else

    Aqua- k
    EDIT: Done! Pick it up on the Pick- Up Page.

  5. ballet99 Says:

    Can u blingee this pic? In any way is fine 🙂 only the puppie 🙂

    Aqua- Do you mean the puppy on the top? Because it says “you must be logged in to use this feature”. I guess I’ll make a thingie.
    EDIT: Done! Pick it up on the Pick-Up Page.

  6. Hi Cool! Can you blinge this pic? I know how to but I am too busy! ^^
    aqua- what pic?

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