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Rules For Workers May 26, 2009

1. Please leave your name when posting, unless I change to a theme that says your name.

2. Please do not swear.

3. Do not post or post links to inappropriate content.

4. Don’t post once and then never post again.

All of my workers joined on Monday, and all are authors. You have one week to prove your worth and make AT LEAST TWO POSTS.

Lol, I sound like a grumpy old man xD

Please follow these rules to make my site better.


6 Responses to “Rules For Workers”

  1. ballet99 Says:

    Can i be a worker? I will follow the rules!!

    Aqua- Sure =-)

  2. Can i be a worker??I usually post everyday!!
    Aqua- Im feelin laZ right now ill add u l8r

  3. ~chaos9876~ Says:


    i found in a book that when old people dance its called a SPASM, and when they walk its called STANDING STILL, and when they go to the bathroom its called SITTING ONN A TOILET, READING FOR 40 MIN. i find that kind of offensive to some people ._. \

    and words that old people say that people cant seem to understand:


    lol xD a little offensive but kind of funny at the last part

  4. ~.~ very bored xDD

  5. *cough cough* its been like a month and u still haven’t added me.
    aqua- There, fine?

  6. I’m sorry aqua!!!i was just a little grumpy when i posted that!!!I never intented that to come out so mean!!!Thank you for adding me cuz u diidn’t have to and please accept my sincerest apology .
    aqua- It’s okay. ^^ 😆

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