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Design your own wall Print at… um… I forget. June 29, 2009

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You know how Poptropica’s been selling T-shirts and wall prints? Well, I found out you could design and buy your own. Take a look.poptropica

Mine is pretty cool, but it costs around a hundred thirty. Ka-POW. You won’t catch me buying that. Go design your own at

Guess what? IDK the link. Whatever.  I suppose you can look at the URL in the picture.

The PPP is out…. yay…..  not really.  Go check out my cousin’s blog at

I won’t tell him it sucks for kicks, you know. -Aqua


3 Responses to “Design your own wall Print at… um… I forget.”

  1. groupiesclub Says:

    aqua- Shut up, don’t spam.

  2. groupiesclub Says:

    aqua- No. Now go away.

  3. Wall Decor Says:

    I didn’t know you could design your own wall prints?? Must be expensive
    coolaqua: I’m trying to figure out whether this is spam or not.
    And yes, it is.

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