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OurWorld links June 19, 2009

comment links here…


7 Responses to “OurWorld links”

  1. ~chaos9876~ Says:

    yay xD and also i looked at my address bar and say a logo that had ‘FFF’ on it 🙂 how do you make that go on the address bar?

  2. kka2297 Says:

    How do you put OurWorld links? Meh confused. 😐
    aqua- i dont even have an ourworld. -.- ask chaos

  3. ♥☼ ~K.a.t.e~☼ ♥ Says:

    you go to the button that has the word ‘Free’ and a picture of a gem on it in the top right corner when you log onto ur ourworld. get the code for either the big ourworld avatar or the … other one that has a code -_-. then you can copy and paste the avatar onto one of the text widgets for your site to advertise ur account and when people click on it, you get gems, and you can copy and paste the other code for the same thing, except no picture that comes with it.

    Wow long comment -.-

  4. aqua- I don't think you're supposed to put the HTML code. See Chaos's comment above.

  5. i did but..grrr didnt work again..i’ll try again soon.

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