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Poptropica- Shark Tooth Island Walkthrough January 2, 2009

Written by… me! :3

-Get your Stuff-

When you go to Shark Tooth Island first off, you’ll be on Main Street (duh). Walk right and get the (optional) shark fin. Walk right some more and get the coconut milk (you need this). Then walk right and go to the Ancient Ruins. Go right across from the Ruins and go to Booga Bay. There, get the hula skirt from the guy. You’ll also meet a crying lady. She wants her son back from the clutches of Booga, a shark.

-Begin Your Quest-

If you go back to the Ancient Ruins, look around till you see a big gray block you can move. Move it under a vine. Then jump on the rock and climb up the vine. Climb till you get to the second wooden platform (don’t go up). Then jump and hopefully you’ll land on the roof. From there get the piece of paper on it. Then jump off the roof. Go inside the temple place.

-Inside The Temple-

Go down the platforms till you are in. Then jump on the swinging platform. When it gets as far as it can go to the left, jump to the lower platform. Then get off the platform and go down into the water. Then jump on the gray block and wait till the bat is on the right side of you. Then jump off the rock on the left side. Keep going to the very end of the water. Then jump on a log and jump on the platform. Jump on to the moving platform and then to the platform above that. Then jump on to the swinging platform. Then jump on to the- oh, you know what!

-In the Depths of The Temple-

When you click on the weird green face thingy, press the keys that spell “OPEN” using the transalation. Not all of the keys will be used. Then go to the place where it slides open. Once you’re inside, jump on to the vine and climb a little down. Then jump. You should land on a platform where a boy dressed in bat clothes is. Then jump down into the water. Wait until the giant worm is gone. Then jump onto the gold statue.. Go up to the very top and jump on a swinging platform. Then wait until it is at its very left and jump on to the still platform. Jump on the other platform and jump way down. You’ll see a fossil with a bone in it. Get the bone. Then you’ll have to go right, step on the platform, and jump on the gold statue and go to the top all over again. then jump on to the swinging platform and go to the spiky wall. This time, wait for a moving platform to come. Jump on it. Then jump on to another wall of spikes and enter into the the second temple inside the temple.

-The Second Temple Inside The Temple-

Climb down the vine and keep going left until you see the gold bowl filled with green stuff. Take that. Then climb up the rope to Main Street.

-The Medicine Man-

Make sure you have the grass skirt!

First, go back to the Ancient ruins. Then push the gray rock under the vine again. Climb up COMPLETLEY THIS TIME. When you’re completely up there, put on your grass skirt and talk to the medicine man in the mask. Make sure you have all THREE ingredients- 1. Coconut Milk 2. Old Bone 3. Key Ingredient. Talk to the Medicine Man. He’ll put them into a coconut for you.

-Feeding Booga-

Go back to Booga Bay. Then go right until you reach a small island with a hobo fisherman. Click the sign that says “feed the Shark”. Once you’re on there, click the cannon. It will shoot out a green coconut. If Booga eats it, he will turn green and fall asleep. Then click “back” in the upper right-hand corner.

-The Proffesor and the Boy-

Keep going right. Since Booga is asleep, he won’t bother you. You will reach another island. Click “go right”. Then click on the old guy (Professor Hammerhead). He’ll ask you to lead him and the boy back to mainland. Then it’s kind of funny, he keeps following you. (help! stalker! lol.) When you lead them back to the woman, she’ll thank you for saving her son, and Professor Hammerhead will give you your Medallion.

I hope this guide proves to be useful!

~ Coolaqua


24 Responses to “Poptropica- Shark Tooth Island Walkthrough”

  1. coolaqua- oh shut up you n00b. hope you have a nice time while you’re banned.

  2. bex Says:

    hi this guid was real useful.oh can you please dont use my email!
    coolaqua- thanks. i did it very step-by-step like. and i took out ur email dont worry!

  3. Skiva Says:

    Great Walkthrough! 🙂
    Aqua- Thnx! You can copy and paste, if u give credit.

  4. Lisa Says:


  5. wild Says:

    noob thats a funny word noob

  6. coolaquasilver Says:

    it’s n00b. always put the zeroes in or you’ll look like a n00b. lol.

  7. amy Says:

    How do you get the grass skirt??

    Aqua- Talk to the man on the last island with the woman crying.

  8. ballet99 Says:

    You should make a poptropica blog aqua!!

    Aqua- Lol, I tried once, but it totally flopped 🙂


  10. heyy Aqua..Im having a little bit of trouble on astro nights :/once u finish astro nights can u put the walkthrough for it? thankiez ^^
    aqua- astro knights is a very hard island to write a walkthrough to.. i’m almost done!!! what part are you on? maybe i can help you.

  11. Kctrooper Says:

    Sweet walkthrough without you making this walkthrough i would of taking all week instead of half hour
    aqua- this walkthrough is for lazy people, not unlike myself. 😛

  12. ballet99 Says:

    How do u defeat that dragon with the bullet thingys?
    aqua- This is the Shark Tooth Island walkthrough, but if you wanna know, I have my friend here to tell you.
    You have to climb the chain thingies until u reach the last chain and u get off. Make sure the dragon doesn’t follow u. You’ll see a switch on the dragon’s body and you pull it.aqua- The dragon will open its mouth. Click on the corner with the blue arrow. shoot it into its mouth. make sure u get off of the dragon b4 u shoot. You may have to do this several times.make sure u repeat this WHOLE process.Then after u do a several times the dragon’s gonna fall in the dirty water. You cross to the other side and go left.
    aqua- The end. 😀

    • ehh?? which island is that??i finished all of rhem except nabooti and astro nights…im close to finishing astr me nabooti island is hard…kinda >.<

  13. PoopHead Says:

    Meh This Sucks I just got my stupid friend to beat the game for me and I told everyone that I did it myself but i didnt and when they ask how I did It i told them that I dont want to tell them because they will beat the game!!!! (blocked)
    aqua- shut up.
    (note- he did not say a bad word, i just blocked him saying dumb stuff. 😛 )

  14. tamz Says:

    AND I FINISHED SHARK TOOTH ISLAND!!!!!!!!(i finished all of them even astro nights i had an early pass)
    aqua- I had to correct all your painful-to-the-eyes spelling mistakes. i do detest people like you. :/

  15. Brit Says:

    thnx that relally woorks

  16. milly Says:

    yer thts cool!!!!!!!!!!!
    aqua- your the same person as brit O.O

  17. nanermonkey Says:

    to dumboldstupidspamperson: you cant get banned on poptropica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also, great walkthrough!!

    aqua- I meant on WordPress. -.-

  18. steelfoot Says:

    i finished like the first 6 islands before i looked at youtube for video walkthroughs
    aqua- Did you know “I am an ugly fish whose breath is stale socks” is “Ik ben een lelijk vis waarvan adem verlopen sokken is” in Dutch?!!!! 😀

  19. Eva Says:

    Thank you a million times!!!!!!!!!!

  20. that is just to confusing cause it’s got too many text in it next time use less text so I could understand more. I didn’t even read yet. XD
    aqua- More text, more detail, more detail, OWN. 8) How can you be critiquing it if you didn’t read it, idiot? 🙂

  21. Keke Says:

    Aqua This walkthrough HELPED ME SOOOOO MUCH Thx For making this!

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